About Us  

Roger Underwood has worked in the film and television industry since leaving school. He first worked at Plymouth's Drake cinema and then for Westward Television and TSW as chief projectionist for 22 years. When TSW lost its franchise in 1992 he set up his own video business making wedding and corporate videos. Since then we have made hundreds of wedding videos and also worked on many filming projects for local theatre groups, schools, hospitals, charities, and local councils, in addition to being involved with the production of several successful programmes of local historical interest that were sold in major high street stores. (See www.aarchive.co.uk for more details.)

Roger was also commissioned as projectionist for the local shooting of well-known films such as Walt Disney Pictures "The Three Musketeers", filmed on location in Charlestown, Cornwall, and Columbia Pictures "Sense And Sensibility" in Plymouth.

Roger is a full member of the Guild of Television Cameramen.